“A close interaction with nature and heritage”

the best of the teas to be

It is the perfect destination for tea lovers.The experience of witnessing the journey of the tea leaf from the nursery to the tea gardens to the pluckers basket to the tea factory and finally to the tea cup is to be cherished forever. At Octavius we offer you ecstasy in a cup. It’s a paradise in the serenity of nature. Embrace macrocosm and wake up to a flavorsome sip of refreshing morning.

Away from mass tourism

Most visitors tend to patronize the more touristy and popular destinations. Octavius is one of those remote and a fairly “secret” destination which allows you to immerse yourself in its rich culture and varied landscapes. The experience takes you away from any form of mass tourism, and offers you a real and genuine Indian experience. With acres and acres of our estate to explore, the privacy and authenticity of this experience is unbeatable.

Holiday with complete privacy

A wonderful way to enjoy is to book the entire bungalow for one’s family or a group of friends for any kind of celebration or a group holiday. The experience ensures complete privacy and the arrangements can be customized as per the guest’s requirements and liking.

Closest interaction with nature and heritage

Octavius transports you to an unimaginable world of natural beauty and heritage.

Our hospitality

Available round the clock, the Bungalow staff will simply pamper you throughout your visit to Octavius and give you the most personalized care to make your stay a comfortable one.

Holiday All Year Round

The tea estates have so much to offer all year round. Every season has a unique experience and ambience, from the clear skies and New Year celebratory excitement in December/January, to the flowers and bird watching attractions of Spring. From cozying up to a warm cup of tea and enjoying the romance of summer monsoon to exploring the great outdoors in autumn’s sun-filled days, ideal for touring and trekking, or relaxing in the verandah.

Perfect for rejuvenation

Our aim is to take care of the wellbeing of our guests while they are with us.

• The healthy food served in the retreat is cooked from the bio-organic ingredients cultivated in-house. All sorts of vegetables and fruits, as per the season, are grown here. Pineapples, beetle nut, black pepper, aloe vera, lemon, bananas, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, tomatoes, raddish, carrot, spinach, coriander leaves are some among them.
• The awakening breakfasts, sumptuous lunches and inviting dinners are cooked according to the taste of the guests with immense attention paid to the hygiene of the food cooked.

• Yoga, meditation camps and nature walks can be organized for guests.


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