We believe cooperative models can be employed to strategically improve a company’s – or even a whole sector’s – position. A vital culture and sustainable development go hand in hand.
In addition to supporting green economy we do business with the handicraft industry for our various unique and creative tea gift packaging purposes.
India is known for its rich culture which includes many art forms. The handicraft industry has a history of several centuries. The artisans in the earlier days were known worldwide for their skills and craftsmanship. Exports of Indian handcrafted goods have taken place from time immemorial.
Through our inimitable tea gift packages, we deliver to you authentic products with premium service and social impact.
To bridge the gap between the craftsman and cognoscente we bring to you superior quality tea packed in aesthetic handcrafted gift packets and boxes for you to share the traditional treat of tea with your loved ones.
Beyond those who are responsible, culpable, and beyond innovation and prudence, there is a land which is given to us all, so as we can live creatively and responsibly.

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