The climate of the Dooars plains is similar to that of the remaining districts of North Bengal. But, it has a longer winter and heavier rainfall, due to its proximity to the hills.

The summer temperature varies between 31.6 °C (Max) and 21.3 °C (Min). The winter temperature ranges between 23.6 °C (Max) and 10.7 °C (Min).

The rainy season in this area sets in from the month of June with the arrival of south-west monsoon. The region receives highest rainfall during the months of July – August.

Dooars can be visited throughout the year, although the best time considered to visit Dooars is between mid-September to May, The tea estates have a lot to offer all year and every season has a different excitement and experience.

Festive season in Dooars – (November – December)

November and December are a good time to visit Dooars. It is the festive time and the whole area is very lively. You can enjoy the exclusive tourism festival called Teesta Tea and Tourism fest organized during this season besides the other activities like River Rafting, Paragliding, Jungle safari and other similar activities. 

Dooars in Summer (March – June)

This season witnesses a rise in the temperature. from March onwards and the summer season lasts until June. The temperature ranges between 21 to 31 degrees Celsius. But, the weather in Dooars is not too harsh. However, this season is not considered as the best time to visit by tourists.

Dooars in Monsoon (July – September)

Monsoon begins in July and lasts till September. In this season, most of the sanctuaries remain closed. But, if you wish to avoid the crowd and wish to view lush green forests, these months are the best. The greenery and constant rain make it the idyllic season to visit.

Dooars in Winter (October – February)

Temperature starts falling from October and winters hit Dooars. In this season, rainfall becomes scanty and weather remains pleasant. This is perhaps the best time to visit the place. This is the best time to visit the wild life sanctuaries…


Month Temp(min)°C Temp(max)°C Rainfall(cm)
January 6 18 0.50
February 10 18 1.07
March 15 24 1.12
April 16 26 11.09
May 20 30 13.37
June 21 30 46.71
July 22 29 47.69
August 22 29 36.00
September 21 29 42.73
October 18 26 16.64
November 12 23 0.23
December 0 21 0.05

Best time to visit

Though Dooars can be visited throughout the year, the best time to visit is between mid September to May. Generally all the forests remain closed during the rainy seasons.

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