Rafting in Dooars is done in the raging rapids of the Tista. Rafting here is safe yet sizzling. Nine to twelve rafters can sit in a raft which is a long inflatable rubber dinghy. The accessories include, life saving equipment, oars and sometimes a safety kayaker who follows the raft.

Further details of Rafting trips can be made available on request.

Following are some are the rafting tours conducted:
(Best time October – December)

1. On River Teesta (Makha – Sirwani – Bardang – Rangpo)
2. On River Rangeet (Sikip – Jorthang – Majitar – Melli)
3. Kayaking on River Teesta (specially arranged)

Raft ride on Dooars Torsha
– Stopover sports for bhutan visitors
The adventure sport is undertaken in the swirling waters of the Torsha in Jaigaon.
Around 200 foreign tourists, heading for the picturesque Bhutan pass through Jaigaon, 65km from here, every day and go for rafting during the stopover. Phuentsholling is just across the border, opposite Jaigaon. The tourists have to halt for a day in the Dooars town to get the immigration papers necessary for visiting Bhutan.
The river ride is 14km from Jaigaon to Hasimara and the return trip is by car. The raft has a capacity of 14 people.


Rafting is recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other body of water. This is often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, and generally represents a new and challenging environment for participants. Dealing with risk and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience.The development of this activity as a leisure sport has become popular since the mid-1970s, evolving from individuals paddling 10 feet (3.0 m) rafts with double-bladed paddles to multi-person rafts propelled by single-bladed paddles and steered by a tour guide at the stern. It is considered an extreme sport, and can be fatal. The International Rafting Federation (IRF) is the worldwide body which oversees all aspects of the sport.

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