River Teesta is a “high-adrenaline vortex” for river rafting adventure sports in India. Originating from the Himalayas, this river flows through Sikkim and West Bengal. River rafting in Teesta is an experience on cannot miss while travelling to the beautiful valleys of Dooars. The most popular rafting site on river Teesta is Melli. Octavius tea resorts in Dooars offers you an exhilarating experience at Melli which is the closest rafting site from the resort. Located at around 94kms from Nyla Sylee Tea estate in Nagrakata and 63 kms from Sylee tea estate in Dam Dim, Melli is where you can experience the river at its most pristine.

Why white river rafting in Teesta? It’s not just the thrill of voyaging across the rapids but an opportunity to enjoy the scenic valley with the mesmerizing view of the dense forests along the mountainous slopes. The rive course changes color from course to course which is nothing but a treat to the eyes.


Rafting trips can be enjoyed by novices and experts alike. Rafting has been graded as 6 levels based on the currents in the river with grade 1 being the easiest and grade 6 being the most difficult. Considering the series of rapids and varying intensity of flow, river rafting at Teesta has been graded on a scale of 2 to 4. Grade-2 normally has small rapids and is easy to navigate, Grade-3 requires some technical ability and a trained guide, while Grade-4 has very large rapids and should be attempted only by seasoned rafters.  Rafting done in Melli is always accompanied by professional and trained rafters along with a rescue team.

Some of the most popular courses for river rafting in Teesta are:

For Novices (Non-Swimmers)

  • 1.5-hour course from Melli to 29th Mile
  • 3-hour course from Melli to Kalijhora

For Experts (Swimmers)

  • 2-hour course starting from Tarkhola and ending at Melli
  • 3-hour course from Tarkhola to 29th Mile
  • 4-5 Kms stretch from 7th Mile to Labarbote trimming the Sikkim Bengal border

Experts who are a bit more daring can undertake longer courses of river rafting in Teesta such as Boarding to 29th Mile which is for 4.5 hours and involves grade 3-4 rapids.


The best time to visit the place for river rafting at West Bengal or Sikkim is between the months of December to June. July to September which is the monsoon is a red flag season for rafting as the rapids can be more turbulent owing to river swells. Also, it can be freezing cold during winter season and one must pack wet suits to tackle the extreme conditions.


Following are some things to keep in mind as you jot down your itinerary for river rafting in Sikkim or West Bengal

  • A pair or two of quick dry shorts/ bathing suits, sturdy footwear like boots, synthetic shirts with in built sunscreen protection, sunscreen lotions, water bottle and extra dry clothes
  • Necessary medications including antiseptics.


  • Duration of journey & distance are in approximation. Time taken to reach may fluctuate as per weather, road & traffic conditions
  • Rates and availability of all outsourced activities depend on the service providers and the season
  • River rafting is an outsourced activity and will be charged as per actuals (ID proofs are required for booking).
  • River rafting remains closed from around July to September (Dates may vary depending on monsoon)
  • River rafting is not advisable for individuals with health conditions such as heart issues, epilepsy etc.
  • It is not advisable to consume alcohol at least 6 hours prior to the trip
  • Must follow all instructions provided by the operator (preferably a licensed professional) and wear life jacket/ personal floatation device while adhering to all safety regulations.

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