Toucan Suite

The Toucan Suite is in the Sylee Tea Bungalow is one of the largest suites available on the property. Inspired by the spectacular toucans that visit our property, this comfortable retreat, built in 1898, are decorated with exquisite colonial taste.

Features of the Suite:

  • This grand suite is on the upper level of the bungalow with antique wooden stairs leading you to the extravagant rooms
  • Almost 650 sq. ft of sheer extravagance, these rooms offer ample space and sweeping views of the Himalayas
  • Dressing area of 50 sq.ft to cater to your personal comfort
  • Built in 18th century with wooden flooring and high ceilings, this room with its large size offers a fire place, soothing furnishings, spacious bath, antique furniture including antique king-size bed, cupboards , dressers, writing desk and chair, taking you back in time to those grand old days
  • A small private balcony allows you to step out an enjoy the garden and mountain views
  • Relax in front of a crackling fire or sit in your private balcony which overlooks the lawn and the unending tea bushes to enjoy the peace and tranquil beauty that Octavius is famous for
  • Windows cover the entire length of the outer wall of the suite, which give you an excellent view of the daintily cut tea bushes
  • The spacious bathroom is fitted with modern amenities including a walk-in rain shower.

These antique bungalows have been converted to a tea resort with much passion, thoughtfulness and commitment ensuring that heritage has been retained and history has been kept alive.

However, to keep to our conventional requirements and desired comforts, the bungalows have been renovated with modern amenities.

Staying in these places itself is undoubtedly an enticing experience as this beautifully themed working plantation retreat gives “A close interaction with nature and heritage”.


Octavius Tea Resort has 6 uniquely styled suites in the property. The following comforts and luxuries are common to all of them:

  • Large Bed with crisp Linen
  • Pillows and comforters
  • Board games in the recreation room
  • Housekeeping services
  • Spacious Bathrooms with running hot and cold water , Walk- in Showers and Modern Fittings
  • Complimentary toiletries
  • Tea/Coffee & Electric Kettle in the Common Dining Hall
  • Garden-fresh Bed Tea –whenever you wake up

All rooms are equipped with Toiletries, Room Heaters and Extra Blankets to keep you warm. Fans and Air Conditioners are fitted to keep you cool during the summers. There are no TVs in the rooms to be in line with mother nature.


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